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January 6th- 9th, 2020


Dive in to your business with an educational audit, touching on law, finance, branding, marketing and growth strategy.

Relax at The Fairmont Banff Springs.

Indulge in adventure, self-care and the most delicious food!


The Experience

The issue isn’t lack of knowledge, but where to find it, who to trust and how to execute once you have it.

There are endless discussion groups, speaking events and retreats with those you admire, but we wanted to add in a little more depth and tangible take-aways for you. Whether you are in the beginning days of your dream or run a successful business, there is always room for education, growth and diversification. While acknowledging this may be easy, tackling it can be daunting to say the least. As business owners of multiple businesses, we get it! We’ve walked in your shoes, we’ve tripped and stumbled along the way, we’ve triumphed when we didn’t know if we ever would, and we still find learning from others paramount to our success.

If we had been offered an experience like this, we believe it would have lessened (the impact) of our failures, created a community to learn with, and set us up for faster growth. This isn’t to say that we would have avoided all obstacles, but rather that we would have been prepared to take them head on and move past them without doing much harm. Additionally, there is no question that when evaluating your own business, emotions and personal stories have an impact. Thus, with outside third parties who can audit your business based on their knowledge and their experience with other similar businesses, while the emotions and personal stories remain at the ethos of what you have built, you have a fresh slate to grow from.

We invite you to learn from one another and our speakers, while adventuring and indulging along the way.

Our first event will be held in Banff, however our events will change location each time! We want to explore with you, to metros and mountains, through the United States, Europe and beyond. With each new excursion, we’ll bring education, culture and exploration!

The Founders


Laura and Wynne often find themselves with hungover legs from miles walked in cities they cannot pronounce, thirsting for deep human connection and eager to discover new culture. You may also notice that they are constantly working on their respective businesses, practically live in the mountains, are seemingly allergic to color and the word “no”! Their charisma, joy and passion singularly is inspiring and together is contagious. They are often asked where their next adventure will lead them, quickly followed up with business advice and a list of “how-tos”. Together with their combined passion for life and hustle, both for their own dreams and others, has brought them to this next adventure - ‘Hey, You’.



Speakers & Charitable Partner

We are thrilled to work alongside some extraordinary humans, whom we are lucky enough to call friends while also greatly admiring their individual purpose, entrepreneurial mind and incredible success.

We also strongly believe that in everything we do, we need to not only acknowledge the importance for a charitable element, but act on that acknowledgement, incorporate it at our foundation, and share the story of those doing truly wonderful things in this world we live in.


The Creative’s Counsel


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Branding + Art Direction

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Live Your Yes

Coaching + Wellness


Fox Tax

Finance + Tax


Social Media

e.Allen Boutique

Building an Empire


Macro changes, start on a micro level.

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.
— Jospeh Campbell



Fairmont Banff Springs | Banff, Canada


You know that dreamy castle nestled in the middle of the Canadian Rockies?

That is where we are taking you.

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